Letter of Introduction

Letter of Introduction

With the arrival of 2019, we at American Wine Merchants wanted to take the time to reintroduce ourselves to you. American Wine Merchants is one of the top American wine importers in China with the goal of introducing high quality, hand crafted and of course delicious wine to the Chinese market. We are based out of Shanghai with a small but hard working team and operate mainly in our Jing’an tasting room. AWM also has satellite offices in Beijing and Nanjing with regional partnerships throughout China as well.

We distribute our wine through a wide range of channels such as restaurants, bars, hotels and more. However, due to high demand, we have also made our wine easily accessible to the public and individual consumers through our standalone website: amwines.com. We created this online platform as well as our Official and Subscription WeChat accounts in order to directly engage with you, our consumers, to fulfill any and all wine needs. We always offer free, next day delivery throughout Shanghai and are available around the clock to help in any way we can. Not only do we deliver wine, but AWM delivers experiences as well. Whether you need a perfectly curated wine list for your next party, or are interested in hosting an event at our tasting room, we work hard to accommodate and meet individual or group needs to the best of our ability.

Our team at American Wine Merchants is passionate about what we do and operate with the core values of people, wine and service. At AWM, we believe wine connects people and is meant to be shared. We also focus on quality wines of distinction, soul and tradition that reflect the unique character of America’s diverse regions. Lastly, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our customers and guide them to the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion. 

 People frequently ask, “why just American wine?” And to this, we answer: American wine is what we know and what we love. By focusing on wine from a single country, we create a niche and are able to better guide you to a wine that will guarantee you satisfaction. By focusing only on American wine, we are able to cut through the rest of the noise, narrow the selection and be experts on everything that we carry. 

If you’re curious about what we do, interested in learning more about American wines, want to schedule an event or tasting, or just want to say hello, you can reach us at our Official WeChat Account *insert QR* or info@amwines.com

 From all of us at American Wine Merchants, we wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2019 and look forward to all that we’re bringing you in the new year. Cheers!